Essence of Jain Way of Life

Jainism is a religion and a way of life. For thousands of years, Jains have been practicing vegetarianism, yoga, meditation and environmentalism.

Jains have three core practices :


Strengthens the autonomy of life of every being; Ahimsa – diet, fellow being, environment, thoughts and actions


Strengthens the autonomy of thought of every individual


Strengthens the interdependence of all and share limited resources

These core practices will help us manage our anger, ego, deceit, and greed.

The JAIN WAY OF LIFE (JWOL) respects and honors all living beings. We are all interdependent, and by living a JWOL, we can bring peace and spirituality to our lives and to those around us.

Jain Way of Life Prayer/Meditation

Most Jains are doing less than one minute of prayers/meditation per day. Even the one-minute Namokar Mantra is done with very little mindfulness of its meaning.

Reasons to believe in Jain way of life



Practical experience and validation through new scientific discoveries can reinforce our faith in a Jain Way of Life (JWOL).

``Ahimsa Paramo Dharma - Non-Violence is the

greatest Dharma``

- Mahavira

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