• (set your phone aside) Sit comfortably with your back straight; smile widely

  • Stretch both your arms up, down to your back, to the front, and sideways; raise your shoulders up touching your ears and down;; tilt your neck down touching your chest and hold; stretch it back and hold; tilt it to the right-hold and to the left-hold.

  • Become Mindful – Quieten the mind by anchoring it on three inhale/exhale breaths

Prayer – Namokar Mantra

Take a deep breath (inhale with stomach out) and say each line of Namokar Mantra   (or another prayer) being mindful of its meaning (that I praise and strive to have their qualities):

  • Inhale/Exhale –  Namo Arihantanam – I bow to Arihantas (perfect human soul)

  • Inhale/Exhale – Namo Siddhanam – I bow to Siddhas (liberated souls)

  • Inhale/Exhale – Namo Ayariyanam – I bow to Acharyas (heads of religious order)

  • Inhale/Exhale – Namo Uvajjhayanam – I bow to Upadhyaya (teachers)

  • Inhale/Exhale – Namo Loe Savva Sahunam – I bow to all Sadhus and Sadhvis (monks and nuns)

Reflection for today – Awareness  (you may wish to share these in your diary)

  • Body: Reflect on two things you need to do or did for your body today (exercise, nutrition, rest, etc.)

  • Mind:  Think of two things you need to do or did for your mind today (rest, positive thoughts, mindfulness)

  • Core: on universal principles  NV, NA, and NP (Non-Violence, Non-Absolutism, and Non-Possessiveness)

  • Practice: Recognize how you will do or did today in managing your anger, greed, ego, deceit, jealousy

  • Forgiveness: Ask for forgiveness and give forgiveness from the body, the self, and all living beings

  • Service: Reflect on how you can or have made make someone else’s day better.

  • Chant: Deep Inhale (with stomach out); Hold for few seconds; Exhale while chanting – OoooooMmmmmm (or peeeeeace) three times

  • End with Om Shanti (peace), Om Shanti, Om Shanti.

Achieve Equanimity

  • Rub  hands and place them and on the face; wide smile

  • Become relaxed, aware, reflective, serene, and equanimitable

  • Remind yourself to be mindful of many moments and do deep breathing during your day/night.