Jain Way of Life – A Self Evaluation

Managing my mind and body is critical for happiness, challenge, discovery, and spiritual growth. JWOL is living a life grounded in thoughts, words, and actions of the core Jain principles of:

• Non-Violence: in our diet, speech, and thoughts.
• Non-Possessiveness: where we balance our possessions and desire for them.
• Non-Absolutism: where we strive to keep our mind open and understand other views.

By taking this simple self-evaluation test you can determine your JWOL state of mind and practice. This exercise will expand your awareness and stimulate your mind in thinking about ways to live and promote a Jain Way of Life. The goal is to progress toward Level 4 and 5.

JWOL mission is to progress toward levels 4 and 5. What level are you on?
Here are easy ways to achieve higher levels of Jain way of life.

  1. 1.To improve Forgiveness – follow the 10 steps of Forgiveness recommended by Dr. Diana Robinson   Read more on page 112 in JWOL book.
  2. To learn more about Meditation and relaxation   practice mindfulness or preksha meditation – page 90 in JWOL book
  3. To learn more about Passion and sensuality read about marriage commitment Page 70 in JWOL book
  4. To learn more active the mind read how to practice Jain values in the workplace. Page 87 in JWOL book
  5. To learn more about overcoming anger read about the ahimsa and anekantvad and how it can help us diffuse anger. Page 14 in JWOL book
  6. To learn about accepting death and dying read about sallekhana – which is death attained with complete tranquility  – Read more   Or Page 122 in JWOL book
  7. To learn about  the Jain Way of Life – in a typical day. Page 73 in JWOL book

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