My Mind & My Body – A Self Evaluation Tool

Jain Way of Life – A Self Evaluation

Managing my mind and body is critical for happiness, challenge, discovery, and spiritual growth. JWOL is living a life grounded in thoughts, words, and actions of the core Jain principles of:

• Non-Violence: in our diet, speech, and thoughts.
• Non-Possessiveness: where we balance our possessions and desire for them.
• Non-Absolutism: where we strive to keep our mind open and understand other views.

By taking this simple self-evaluation test you can determine your JWOL state of mind and practice. This exercise will expand your awareness and stimulate your mind in thinking about ways to live and promote a Jain Way of Life. The goal is to progress toward Level 4 and 5.

JWOL mission is to progress toward levels 4 and 5. What level are you on?


1 out of 10